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Dezrez Development For Autumn 2010
Welcome to your dezrez development update. We have some new functionality for you in dezrez, made numerous improvements and have some exciting new products to show you so have a read of our newsletter to see what we've been working on.
New Property Search And Client Login Technology
We have developed brand new property search and client login functionality to further enrich your clients experience online. The technology is fully customizable giving you full control over design and functionality. With all new client reports, simple login, the ability to ask your agent questions and much more, your clients will feel completely connected to you and your service. You will have to get in touch with us to discuss updating your existing websites login area so give us a call now! We have also created a few websites for agents too!
Light Weight Wizards
Do you use a paper based diary? If so, then use these wizards to log your viewing's, valuations and offers in Dezrez. This is our stepping stone to your estate agency using our online diary!
Property Canvassing Made Easy
Canvassing is an important part of raising your profile and we want to help you out with our new Property Canvassing Wizard. Sold on your street letters, building up brand awareness, entering into new locations and areas, all made easier with this new functionality.
The Quickest Reminder Yet
A brand new wizard which will help you quickly put in reminders for those random tasks that occur throughout the day. With a note in dezrez tools and even the pop up reminder window it's an easy way to ensure you and your colleagues don't miss a thing.
A Number Of Improvements And Fixes
We have made a number of improvements to existing areas of dezrez along with a few fixes which you can see below.
Appointment confirmation emails now use the negotiator email address as the 'from' field
'Attending' appointments now appear in Day Diary
Offer wizard - Wording of diary entry improved and also handles foreign currency
IP security page now accessible on all web servers
Brochure Handout wizard fixed for multiple properties
Board wizard – stopped ability to order a To Let board for a Sales property
Customer Card – now able to de-select associated Solicitor and ‘Marketing With’
Customer Card - fixed bug stopping card ownership transfer between enterprise branches
Wizards with sortable tables now sort dates by their value rather than numerically
Problem with CTI facilities on customer card fixed
Multiple recipients in SMS now working
Diary reporting for Enterprise users allows access to sister offices.
A New Report For Your Agency
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Coming soon. New usage reports sent from us to you, a great insight into your dezrez usage. Have a look at the example here
New Estate Agent Websites
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We've created some new designs with all our latest property search and client login technology. Get in touch if you want to know more
Telephones For Estate Agents
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New providers, greater choice and the same fantastic functionality a busy office can't be without. Click here to find out more
Get Ahead Of The Pack
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Want to stay ahead of the pack? Then download the latest components
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