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We Will

No. of offices: 1-4
Previous software: Other
Location: West

Dezrez functionality moves ahead faster than we do which means that we learn new ways of marketing and selling from the dezrez team. This ultimately means that we earn more and keep ahead of the competition.


Manage your maintenance easily, log issues and share information across your offices. Raise quotes and work orders, add contractors and rank their services and preferences, send SMS and email reminders to tenants, contractors and landlords. Add invoices as they arrive from contractors and raise bills to the paying party whether it is the landlord, tenant or simply deduct it from their monthly fees and rent.

Track and manage issues

A pair of binoculars showing blue skies through them

Record all maintenance issues raised. From a leaking tap to a collapsed ceiling, set priorities for jobs from low to high and emergencies. Filter by status, whether a job is in progress, waiting for a quote, sign off or completed. See all notes related to the issue and when it was reported.


Quotes and invoicing

Maintenance Ticket - Quotes & Work Orders (3)

Record quotes for upcoming work orders and link them to invoices when work is completed. Keep track of invoices you have received from contractors and those outstanding. Raise bills for landlord’s and tenants and automatically take payment from their available funds.


Contractor preferences

An office worker and a construction worker shaking hands

Record contractors details from telephone number to whether they are gas and electrically insured and VAT registered. Landlords preferred contractors can be added to tenancies and record call priority so that staff know who to call first when maintenance issues arise.


Info – right time right place

A laptop and smartphone side-by-side showing the Dezrez software

As soon as a maintenance issue is raised know whether the property has any warranties such as gas cover, be alerted that the property is fully managed and that a contractor needs to be contacted. From one easy to use screen, send job detail emails to contractors and tenants, record quotes and attach invoices and bills.


SMS/email work orders

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When emergencies arise and you have to move quickly, use the integrated SMS function to get work order details to your contractors and tenants speedily. Email updates and quotes to landlords, all date and time stamped within the ticket.


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