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Who is using dezrez?

Christopher Pallet

Christopher Pallet

No. of offices: 5-10
Previous software: Other
Location: South

Even those not as I.T. as some find it easy to learn which is a huge advantage as longer training time means less time in the field.


We offer our complete support to web developers and designers along with providing detailed documentation and user guides. With flexible integration platforms, you get to work with the tools you know best. Take a look at the technology we use and let’s work together to ensure your client gets the fully integrated estate agent website they dream about.

Support for web developers

View of a QWERTY keyboard from the side, blurring into the distance

We have a dedicated area for external web developers providing comprehensive technical documentation, example code and test data to ensure you are able to provide your estate agents with a fully functioning site. We have a dedicated website team just a phone call away.


Flexible integration

Dezrez logo is printed in white on an orange background on the side of a podium, in the background is a server on a table

There are many ways to integrate an estate agents site with data from dezrez. We have basic iframes and templates right up to a fully supported API with an XML gateway. Pump live data straight onto the page or harvest it in a database and display it in your own way. We can host your site for you and also chuck in a whole load of email addresses as well.



Screenshot of some XML from the Dezrez property search

We like to use web standards. We provide property data using XML which you can transform and style using XSLT to match the rest of your site. We prefer to use PHP or ASP but we can dust off an iFrame for you if you really want. Styling can be provided by us or done by your web developer, it’s up to you! Pop our web team a call and we’d be happy to discuss our technology further.


Live feeds

View of a server from the back

If an estate agents website is integrated using our technology then the data is live on the site. Make a change to the properties description, save it and the change is replicated instantly to the property online. If a house hunter registers and requests a viewing then it’s sent straight to dezrez for the agent to see. This is all handled by our servers.


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