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When you subscribe to any service you want to make sure you are getting the best results to beat your competition. There are many ways to measure your success, however one thing you will hear often from all your portal subscriptions is Click Through Rates (CTR).

What's a click through rate (CTR)?

In a nutshell, it is the measurement of "Click Through's" from the summary page into your main property page by the internet visitor. This is the key statistic to review how successful your summary view is displayed on the property portal to entice applicant to view more details.


Know your description boxes

In dezrez there are many different description boxes available to type up information relating to your properties. To achieve the best Click Through Rates (CTR) and have the best looking layout, we recommend including the below information which is outside of our Standard Upload Service and will require our Customised Upload Service.

  • Description Box 1 - Summary Description
  • Description Box 2 – Bullet Points
  • Description Box 3 – Main Description
  • Other – If any additional description boxes are used, these can be included to the portals.

Don't worry too much about the description box numbers, these can be different and tailored around your agency. This information is key to provide conformity for all services and avoid duplication of information within the edit screen.


So let's start with the Summary

The summary description is the first opportunity you have to "sell" the properties features to a home-mover. It only allows 300 characters so use them wisely to encourage home-movers to click through to further details on the property.

Have a think about some of the below pointers:

  • Think of the type of audience you targeting

    Someone searching for a family home is going to have a different outlook on properties in comparison to a young professional. When creating your summary think about the type of client you are targeting and visualise the tenant/buyer who would be living in the property.

  • Take a different approach

    Try using single line sentences to make your summary stand out from the competition.
    Utilise CAPITAL LETTERS to emphasise keywords

  • Don't waste time, space or repeated information

    The summary only allows you up to 300 characters, don't waste time, space or repeat information by including your estate agency name, number of bedrooms or address when the internet visitor can see this on the website.

Can I see some summary examples?


Your Main Description

The main description comprises of all the property details, description and any media you include for the listing on the portal. This is your opportunity to sell the property to the target audience and achieve a lead for further information or result in a viewing request.

Here are some recommendations towards your main description:

  • Use Key Features

    The key features section allows you to place up to 10 short bullet points to portray key selling points of the property.
    70% of home-movers said these were "very important", Source: Rightmove.

Screenshot of the key features of a property in Rightmove
  • Showcase your Images

    Be sure to enter between 5 – 9 images to provide a good look and feel of the property to your target audience. Ensure photos are of the highest quality with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 768. Don't be afraid to turn on the lights to brighten the scene, de-clutter rooms and think about what is on display before taking the picture. One thing you don't want is blurry, unclear images which not only impacts on the appeal of the property but also you as an agent.

Screenshot of the images attached to a property in Rightmove
  • Floorplans

    People searching for property love to have a further insight to the actual layout of the property, it provides a visual representation of the shape and in some cases a 3D view for some Metropix Floorplans.

    Within dezrez a floorplan can be added as an image or a Metropix ID can be placed within the edit page with our seamless integration. When our automated portal system runs, it will upload a high resolution image to enable the Zoomable Floorplan feature to portals which support this function. Metropix users not only have a physical floorplan image uploaded to the portal, but also will have an Interactive Floorplan link to direct the user straight through to the Metropix website.

Just make sure your floorplan image is uploaded to dezrez in a .WMF or .JPG format with a resolution of 2025 X 2025 for the best results.

  • Brochures

    Dezrez upload the Internet Particulars brochures as standard for the branch which can be accessed from the property edit page. It is recommended to review the brochure as this will be displayed when the internet visitor selects the Full Brochure link on the portal. Get the design to suit your business and display the key information you would like your client base to print off.

    Can I change the design?
    Of course, this can be changed by our branding team if you have a different brochure design in mind or even if you require some custom additions or deletions to the default particulars. Get in touch with the team by emailing for any changes.

  • PDF Brochures

    The more premium look! Achieved through the use of PDF brochures and can be included in the portal feeds when our Customised Upload Service is undertaken. Recommended to stand out from the competition.

    Benefits include:
    • Multiple page brochure layouts
    • A3 or A4 page brochures sizes
    • Customers can download the PDF
    • PDF can be hosted within dezrez through document storage

Get it Right First Time!

Green tick

When your properties are placed on market for the first time or re-marketed from a previous status, make sure all aspects of the property is correct before moving from a Write-up Phase to on Market or To Let. The portals will see your new property, make it live on their website and notify matching clients on their database through email.


Making some changes?

Checklist on a clipboard with a pen

Once your advert has been placed live, don't be afraid to refresh the listing by changing the image order after a few days or weeks. Be adventurous in changing the primary image to an internal shot, look at reducing the price if you think after 30 days the price is a bit high. Remember reduced properties may receive a second mail out to the matching audience.

"Average views of your property decrease by 59% in the first 4 weeks", Source: Rightmove



The information provided in this document is not guaranteed to produce the expected results, therefore such information should be classed as courtesy information. Please approach your portal subscriptions on advice which best suits their website as not all real estate websites operate in the same manner.

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