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The Property Cafe

The Property Cafe

No. of offices: 1-4
Previous software: Other
Location: East

Support is quick and efficient. I particularly like the ongoing development of the software and updates are frequent.

Client contact

Managing your clients is a key part of an estate agents role. Dezrez helps manage clients effectively, stay in control of your vendors, manage your buyers hot box and easily categorise people. Manage your clients the way you want them to be managed.

Have your clients been contacted?

Screenshot of a contact card in Dezrez

Dezrez automatically keeps track of all client contact allowing you to make sure your staff are staying in touch regularly. Report effectively on who has been contacted and who needs a call. Get the best out of the clients registered with you and the staff that work for you.


Client information at your fingertips

A woman sitting in an armchair looks at reports in Dezrez

When a client calls your office you need their information at your fingertips instantly, even across multiple branches. Client cards present the information logically allowing you to effectively do your job.


Produce vendor reports instantly and easily

Screenshot of a vendor report in Dezrez

The more information you can provide a vendor to justify a fee or a price reduction the better! Vendor reports are available at the click of a button and can be posted in letter format or emailed instantly. Produce in bulk for your vendors or make them available online.


Send buyers the properties they want

Some examples of mail merge matching templates available to use in Dezrez

Targeting your buyers with the types of properties they want to view is key. Anything else is just a waste. Create individual matches to applicants or mail merge to your entire applicant base. Everything is recorded against applicants, vendors and properties. All this ensures high hit rates and happy vendors.


Workflows. Ensure you never forget

Workflows in Dezrez

Build your own workflows based around staying in touch. Make sure you are reminded to contact clients at the appropriate time via email, letter, SMS or a good old fashioned call. This means that even when staff are absent client contact isn’t compromised.


Appointment information for staff and clients

Appointment information in Dezrez

When viewings, valuations or other appointments are booked dezrez formats the information and allows you to send it to your clients via email or SMS. Reminders are set for your staff to ensure they don’t miss those all important appointments.


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