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George F White

George F White

No. of offices: 5-10
Previous software: Other
Location: North

Freindly and professional staff who are extremely approachable and have a product that is a seriously powerful CRM solution for our business.

Reports statistics and targets

The dezrez system allows you to report on all aspects of your agency. View statistics that help you run your branches and estate agency in detail. Monitor your staff and manage their targets. Understand your pipeline and current position of your business at any given time. Dezrez comes with a customisable monthly and morning meeting report dashboards. Give specific reports to those that need to see them using our interface builder. Get top level information at a glance and drill through each report to detailed statistics.

Easy to view property performance reports

A woman sitting in an armchair looking at reports in Dezrez

There are some figures you just need to look at all the time. Set your system up with a series of easy to view reports, each report allows you to drill through to the information you require. Directors can examine the number of valuations completed in a given week. Valuers, get specific information about each of those valuations performed. Negotiators, know your future sales pipeline.


Staff performance reporting

Screenshot of the Dezrez dashboard

Do you truly know how your staff are performing? Our extensive set of reports allow you to monitor your staff based on their activity and performance. Would you like to know how many telephone calls your negotiators make? How many viewings they booked? Have they have asked the right questions when registering clients? All this is possible and more.


Understand clients that register with your agency

Pie chart showing sources of clients for estate agents

Understand the demographic of your client base. Do your applicants match the properties that you’re valuing? Use dezrez to get greater insight to your clients. Is your advertising spend justified? Are you getting value from the portals? These are just a handful of the questions our reports can answer.


Property reporting suite

Screenshot of the property list in Dezrez

Arrange properties by over 50 categories including postcode, price, bedrooms, negotiator, status, fee, agency or tenancy period to name but a few. Instantly understand which properties are coming to the end of their agency period. Know what is sold, know what is under offer and what has fallen through. This information is presented to you rather than you having to go and look for it.


Dezrez build custom reports for your agency

Screenshot of custom reports in Dezrez

There is more than one way to skin a cat! Experience tells us that not all estate agents work in the same way. If you do something different and we don’t have a report for it, our report engine allows us to create specific reports and add them to your suite.


Reporting specific dashboards

Screenshot of reports in Dezrez

Directors want to see top level information about their business – our directors dashboard gives them this information. Branch managers should be in control of their office and staff. Use the branch manager dashboard to gather this information. Negotiators love to compete with one another, customise our negotiator dashboard to see how negotiators stack up against their peers. Do things a different way? Create custom dashboards to suit your agency.


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