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Who is using dezrez?

We Will

We Will

No. of offices: 1-4
Previous software: Other
Location: West

For any multi branch estate agency, Dezrez is the market leader.

Saving you time

Why waste valuable time replicating data over and over? Our system negates duplication. Properties are marketed on your website instantly and sent to the portals you choose. The system creates your detail sheets, your brochures, your window cards in seconds. Administration is minimised with our standard letter and property advert tools. Want to email a pdf brochure? One click.

No duplication

Two identical women waving

Dezrez enables clients to enter property information once and produce a variety of formatted brochures, documents or letters. Add a property, set it live and it uploads to the website and portals. All produced instantly from the same information. Book a viewing, record feedback and the information is stored against all people and properties.


Automatically create marketing material

Examples of marketing material produced in Dezrez

Take on, done! Time to create details? One click. How does it look on A3? Another click, it looks better on A4 and I need a window card too, already done. We know you like variety in your advertising material, so send different types of mail merge letters to your clients. Our system caters for this. Switch between a suite of customised templates on your system all matching your corporate identity.


Generate a letter with a single click

Dear John

You probably have your own way of writing to your clients? Store all these letters in dezrez ensuring consistency across your agency. Don’t worry if you are new to estate agency, we can start you off with all the letters you need and provide you with some great marketing material ideas.


Bulk or individual property mail outs

Examples of mail merge templates produced in Dezrez

Customised property mail outs can be sent to individuals, chosen groups or en masse. Properties are delivered to the relevant applicants and the system is smart enough not to send properties that have already been sent. Choose to send only new properties or properties that have been modified – no problem. Want to resend all properties – simple. A great time saving tool.


Neat copy property function

Four silhouettes of houses one in front of the other in tones of grey getting smaller as they go into the distance

Got a batch of 5 similar properties from a new build development? Taken on a block of flats and don’t have time to do the same job over and over? Why not add the property in once and replicate it making modifications to each one. This function was added at the request of our client base.


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